Grading Policies, and Procedures


Grading Policies and Procedures

Homework Policy:

Homework is an extension of the curriculum presented in class. It often serves as a review for tests and quizzes, and prepares students for future assignments. Homework will be assigned two to three times per week in this class and is always due on the date assigned. If a student is absent the day an assignment is due, the assignment is due upon the student’s return. If a student is in school on the day an assignment is given but absent on the day(s) before the assignment is due, the assignment is still due on its original due date if the student is in school.

Late Work:

Unexcused late work will be accepted with a 10% reduction in points for the first day it is late and a 20% reduction in points for the second day it is late. Unexcused late work will not be accepted after two days past the original due date.

Make-Up Work for Excused Absences and Suspensions:

Make-up work for credit and grade will be allowed for all excused absences, including suspensions.  The student has two days to make up the work for each day the student is absent, not counting the day of return. It is the student's responsibility to request make-up work from his/her teachers when he/she returns to class.

Grading Scale:

Classwork                 20%

Homework                15%

Quizzes/Writing        30%

Tests/Projects           35%