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Welcome to Middle School Math.  6th grade math will cover all facets of math: number relationships, geometry, probability, algebra, data, statistics, graphing, measuring, and computing in details.  Vocabulary words are stressed in all 3 math classes.  7th grade math is Transitions, which is pre-algebra and 8th grade is Algebra.  The goal is to have your child take Geometry as a freshman in high school.  If your child is not ready for that, he/she can take algebra again and get a really good foundation of math. 

As we progress through the middle school years, the use of a graphic calculator is taught and utilized quite a bit.  It is very important that we do not depend on a calculator to do computations.  There is a saying,"You do not use it, you lose it" which is very true.  One is never too old to refresh our memories with basic computation skills.  This is something we can all work on.