Supply List

KINDERGARTEN - (Please label all materials and clothing worn to school) 

·         2   4oz. bottles of Elmer’s White Glue

·         3 glue sticks

·         Scissors/Fiskar (steel)

·         Crayons – 2 packs of eight colors and 2 packs of 16 or 24 colors. (This is necessary due to the number and type of projects we do in the grade)   NO primary sized crayons

·         Box of Crayola water colors

·         Storage box (for building a Word Bank) Index Card Size

·         1 package of Pink Pearl erasers

·         2 large boxes of Tissues

·         2 rolls of paper towels

·         Regular size towel for nap; no blankets pillows

·         Old oversized shirt used during messy activities 

·         1 box assorted sized band aids



The teacher will provide the type of pencil and folder that she would like them to use this year.  Please bring the supplies to Kindergarten Orientation.