All About Me



 My name is Valerie Kaulsky and I am anticipating graduation from the University of North Texas on December 13, 2008.  I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Interdisciplinary Studies.  In June 2008 I completed the State of Texas’ Teacher Certification Exams and have passing results.  I will be granted my certifications upon graduation from the University of North Texas.   


For the past three years I have been a Teachers Assistant in a kindergarten program for children with disabilities at McCoy Elementary School in Carrollton Texas.  


I currently reside in Addison Texas with my husband Aaron and our two-year-old white cat Rajah.  Some of the things I like to do; eat Mexican food, shop for books, play disk golf, and travel.  In the USA I have visited at least half of the states including Hawaii.  I would also like to visit Alaska.  Outside of the USA I would like to visit Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and Australia.  One thing that is really important to me is recycling and taking care of our planet for future generation!


Teaching isn’t just a job with a great schedule for me.  It is a calling.  I love to teach!  I love seeing people accomplish goals and feel a sense of pride in themselves.  I love being part of something greater than myself, being a part of molding the future.  I will keep teaching until I can teach no more!