Class Syllabus & Expectations


6th Grade Science

Syllabus & Classroom Expectations


Mrs. Keith

Benjamin Franklin Middle School-East


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Voicemail Ext. 4047

Homework Hotline Ext. 4048


Course Overview:  The sixth grade science curriculum includes many topics:  scientific methodology and measurement, the study of matter and energy and the changes they undergo, the Earth’s systems and the role of the sun’s energy, water and the environment, air and atmosphere, basic chemistry concepts, the solar system, natural resource management, and the nature of science.


Course Outline by Unit and SOL:                          

1-Scientific Method & Measurement (6.1)  1st nine weeks

2-Matter (6.4)                                                         

3- Energy (6.2, 6.9) 2nd nine weeks

4-Earth’s Atmosphere (6.3, 6.6)                           

5-Weather (6.3, 6.6) 3rd nine weeks

6-Water (6.5, 6.7) 4th nine weeks

7-Solar System (6.8)


*Science SOL tests will be administered in the spring of students’ 8th grade year, and will cover material from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science courses.


*A unit test will be given after each unit has been completed.  Students will receive dates for these tests at least one and a half weeks early. 


Text:  Science Explorer

This textbook will not be assigned to students.  Students will only use textbooks inside of the classroom setting.  The completion of out of class assignments will not require the use of a textbook.


Grading:  A student’s grades will be determined by class work, homework, lab work, quizzes, tests, projects, and class participation.  Late work will result in a loss of points.  If a student is ever absent from class, they will need to check the “While You Were Out” binder for assignments they have missed when they return to school.  Extra credit will be offered on a regular basis, and is up to the student to take advantage of these opportunities.  Students can ALWAYS find the written extra credit opportunities on the front counter in the “Extra Credit” folder.  They may only complete an individual assignment once.  I will offer many extra credit opportunities for corrected work, parent signatures, etc. throughout the year.


Projects:  Students will have projects during the year to complete.  Students will have some class time to work on these; however, they will also need to work on them at home.

As each project is assigned, there will be a detailed information sheet which will help students follow directions carefully and to manage their time more effectively.


In Class Labs:  Labs are designed for students to use their content knowledge and apply it to higher level thinking situations.  Safety is an extremely important issue and will be taken seriously.  If students do not follow lab directions and demonstrate horseplay, they will be asked to complete an alternative assignment and loose lab participation credit.  Appropriate lab behavior is part of a student’s lab grade.  Groups will most often be assigned for labs, but some labs will be an individual task and grade.  Please refer to the forthcoming lab safety contract. 


Opportunities for Success

Before Class:  Students need to make sure they take care of business before class begins:  using the restroom, obtaining needed supplies, sharpening pencils, socializing, and the completion of assignments assigned from a previous class.


Warm Ups:  Students can expect warm ups to be on the Activboard at the beginning of the class period.  Students are expected to begin working on the warm up as soon as they find their seat in the classroom, before the bell rings. 


Silent Lunch Passes, Parent Notifications, and Referrals:  Silent lunch passes, parent notification forms, and referrals will be given to students on an as needed basis.


Assignments/Planner:  Homework assignments must be recorded every time an assignment is given.  If students do not have a planner to write their assignments in, they will be required to write their assignments down on a yellow homework form.  My homework hotline will be updated weekly.  Please check your child’s homework planner each night.  I do not give new assignments over the weekend.  Exceptions for this rule are for students who need to complete late assignments.


Tardy to Class:  Tardiness to class will be documented each time.  A verbal warning will be given for the first tardy.  Silent lunch will be assigned for the second tardy.  A parent notification form will be sent along with a phone call home for the third tardy.  A written referral will be given for the fourth tardy.


Absences:  If a student is absent or misses class for any reason, it is their responsibility to find out what they have missed and complete and return assignments within a timely manner.  The “While You Were Out” binder will be their most helpful resource.


Materials:  Students are responsible for keeping their notes in an organized manner in a 3- ring binder.  If they are using one binder for multiple subjects, students need to have dividers that separate their different classes.  In the science section of their binder they will need notebook paper.   A homework assignment book or student planner is highly recommended for students to have and use.  Students need to bring their pencils and binder with paper to every class. 


Parent/Teacher Communication:  Confidential information cannot be discussed via e-mail.  Please call the school to talk with me if necessary.  I will respond to any parent e-mails concerning their child’s behavior and progress.


Classroom Expectations:

1.  Be respectful to other students and your teacher.

2.  Be prepared, be on time, and be ready to learn.

3.   Be cooperative; participate, try your BEST, and maintain a positive attitude.


Consequences for Poor Choices:
1.  Verbal Warning

2.  Student/Teacher Conference and or Silent Lunch

3.  Parent Phone Call

2.  Written Parent Notification

3.  Referral to Office


*Extremely poor choices will result in an automatic referral.


Other Student Responsibilities:  Students are expected to follow all classroom rules, school rules, and any guidelines and procedures that are stated in the student handbook.