January and February Assignments and Events


for Jan. 30th...

 Book Reports! We are currently reading books for our book report assignment which is due on February 8th.  The students have had time to work on this assignment during class time each day this week.  If they wish to work on the book report at home, they may do so, but the assignment must be here each day.Wink

Speeches!     We are working on speeches for the school competition in February.  The students have been given an outline for each section of the speech.  We have polished the beginning paragraph today and we started to work on the middle section.  For the middle section, students should work on the 5W's, anecdotes and comparisons.  They will be given 3 checks for these things tomorrow morning, when we will polish the middle section of the speech.  Please use the rough skeleton from Step 1 to get helpful ideas for the body of your middle section, as well as your brainstorming sheet.  Good luck!Laughing

Electives!  The form for electives is being collected now.  Please return with your child's choices.

SCIENCE INVENTIONS!  Thanks to the parents for all your help with the science inventions for Pulleys and Gears.  They are currently on display in our school glass cabinet by the office.  Our class has had many compliments on these and I appreciate all the parent time spent helping to assemble these magnificent creations! Smile The rubric with the grade for this assignment will be sent home on Thursday, Jan. 31st.

for Jan 31...

The rubrics have been handed back today for the students who handed their rubric and self assessment sheet in.  If you have not done this yet, please make sure you bring this sheet in tomorrow in order to get your evaluation back.

SPEECHES!  The middle section was peer edited today for the 3 checks. (5W's, anecdotes, comparisons).  Students need to time themselves tonight while saying their beginning and middle sections.  If this is not at least 2 minutes long, please look at how you can open the speech up and add detail, which will also add length!  The middle section should be 3-5 paragraphs as discussed in class.

RELIGION scrolls are due tomorrow.  They can be decorated.  Please include the scripture passage as well as your own words.  You should have already written down the Gospel section from your Bibles today in class.


For Feb. 4....

Due to the skiing this evening, there will be no homework for students and agendas are not being signed today.  Enjoy the night!


For Feb. 5....

SPEECHES!  We spent time in class this morning typing our speeches on the computer.  We will have time again for this tomorrow.  Please make sure that your ending sums up the main argument or idea.  The students were asked to time themselves and to remember to pause and use expression.  If you are finished typing, please begin to rehearse the presentation of your speech.  Tomorrow, we will be working on our cue cards.  If you have already started this, please make sure that the cue cards are here tomorrow.  The class presentations for speeches will be on Monday, Feb 11 and Tuesday, Feb 12th.  The two students who are chosen from each grade will present to the school on Wed., Feb 13th.

MATH TEST!  The Math Test on Measurement will be on Monday, Feb. 11th.  Please refer to Show What You Know in the textbook for a review of the concepts in this unit.  A Math package will be handed out on Thursday, to review these concepts in class and provide a study sheet for home.

BOOK REPORT!   Just a reminder that the book report is due on Friday, Feb.8th.  Please make sure that the Book Report Package is completed fully.  You will be giving us a quick one minute book talk on your book, giving a criticism of why you like or dislike this choice. 

SILVER BIRCH!  Silver Birch books are available in the library to students who want to participate in this incentive.  Any student who reads 10 books will be eligible to attend the luncheon. 

MUMMIES!  The Mummies in Egypt sheet is due tomorrow.  Please make sure that you proof read you summary and KLW before you hand it in.

PANCAKES!  The students enjoyed Shrove Tuesday pancakes today.


for Feb. 6....

SPEECHES!   The class presentations for speeches will be on Monday, Feb 11 and Tuesday, Feb 12th.  The two students who are chosen from each grade will present to the school on Wed., Feb 13th.   Please time yourselves for 3-5 minutes.

The following areas will be evaluted on the Scoring Sheet for the Speech Contest:

Delivery: Voice (clarity, pronunciation, pacing) , Mannerisms (posture, eye contact, gestures) , and General Effect on Audience

Content: Topic, Originality, Organization (opening, body, closing), Vocabulary (grammar)

***Please make sure to self edit these areas in your speech.  I will be conferencing with students on Thursday and Friday of this week about their speech content with final polishing advice.

 MATH TEST! Due to the snow day today, we have lost a math period that is required to prepare for the test.  The new test date will be Tuesday, Feb. 12th. Surprised

ELECTIVES!  If you have not brought in your electives sheet, please do so tomorrow.


for Feb. 8...

MATH TEST!  The test date will be Tuesday, Feb. 12th.  The students have been given a study package today that they have had time to work on in class.  There is a quick review on each page, to help prepare for the test.  Please make sure that this package is complete for Monday!  I need to see if there are areas that you need extra help with BEFORE the test.

BOOK REPORT!  Most students have presented and handed in their book report today.  I have given an extension until Monday, Feb. 11, due to the snow days, as some students did not have their reports at home to complete.

VALENTINE'S DAY! We will be having a classroom celebration on the 14th.  Students have chosen to hand out cards to their classmates.  A list of names has been written in the agenda.  Please make sure that you have a card for everyone, if you are participating.  You may also bring in treats on this day, if you wish. Kiss

ANCIENT MAYA SHEET!  The Ancient Maya Sheet for KLW is due on Monday.  Please give as much detail as possible.  The Mummies Sheet was handed back today with either an Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good or Excellent grade.

SPEECHES!  Speeches will be presented on Monday!  Students have been given cue cards to help them with their presentations.  Please make sure that there is one researched piece of information in your speech.  For example, if your speech is on Baseball in Canada, please include at least one fact about a baseball player, a game or a team, etc.  You can find this information on the internet.  Find an appropriate area to "open" up your speech and add this detail.  Also make sure that you have recited your speech several times to someone at home and that you are able to speak clearly and smoothly.

The following areas will be evaluted on the Scoring Sheet for the Speech Contest:

Delivery: Voice (clarity, pronunciation, pacing) , Mannerisms (posture, eye contact, gestures) , and General Effect on Audience

Content: Topic, Originality, Organization (opening, body, closing), Vocabulary (grammar)

ELECTIVES!  Students were told today about which elective they have been placed in for Monday.  Students do not need any equipment.


for Feb. 11...

SPEECHES!  We listened to most of the speeches today.  We will continue tomorrow and the 2 students chosen to compete at the school level for each grade will be told tomorrow.  They will present to the school on Wednesday.  All the students did a great job at projecting their voices and choosing some really interesting topics.  WELL DONE!

BOOK FAIR!  The Book Fair is up and operating.  If you would like to purchase a book, you may do so tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

MATH TEST! The Math Review Sheet was handed back today.  Please review that for tomorrow's math test.  I have corrected most mistakes and if you still don't understand something please read over the quick review for that lesson or speak to me tomorrow morning.


for Feb. 12...

ANCIENT CHINA!  The sheet for Ancient China is due tomorrow.  Please remember to give as much detail as possible.

SPEECHES!  The speeches were finished today and all the students did a wonderful job!  Congratulations to everyone!  We will listen to the finalists, as a school tomorrow morning at 9:15am.  Good luck to Ally, Jake and Rachel!

MATH!  There is no math homework for tonight because of the test today!  Enjoy! Smile


for Feb. 14...

MATH!  Please make sure that the math homework from the text book is complete for Tuesday.  Most students should be finished this from classroom time on Thursday.  Grade 5's only need to do #1-3.  Please check the first page of the lesson for reminders on the three types of transitions (Gr.5).

RETURNED WORK!  Math tests and Social Studies projects will be returned on Tuesday.  A Re-test will be available to anyone with a Level 1 or 2 (50-69%)  The retest will be on Thursday, Feb. 21st.

LONG WEEKEND!  Enjoy the P.A. Day and the Holiday on Monday.  See you on Tuesday.


for Feb. 19...

MATH TESTS!  Math tests were handed back today.  Please review these answers at home.  There will be a retest on Thursday for students who scored lower than a 69% (level 2).  If you are in this group and don't understand some part of the test, please see me tomorrow and I will review this with you.  I have put corrections on the tests for those who wish to understand their error.

SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT RUBRICS!  The rubrics were handed out today for the Social Studies Projects.  Congratulations to our class on our good work in this area.  We had many compliments from the school about how detailed and informative they looked when they were displayed outside.

MATH PACKAGE!  A Math Package of 2 double sided sheets was handed out today for our unit in Geometry.  Please make sure that it is handed in tomorrow.

WRITE TRAITS!  Please make sure that the Voice activity for the Write Traits program is complete for tomorrow.  We will need it in class for tomorrow's writing assignment.

SOCIAL STUDIES QUIZ!  Please make sure that the terms are defined for the social studies study sheet for the quiz on Friday, Feb. 22.  I will check the work you have done tomorrow to make sure that these terms are accurately defined.

WORD WALL WORDS!  The words for the week are recorded in the agenda.  There is be a short quiz on these on Friday.  The words are: beautiful, before, enough, first, school, their, there, they're, went, when.  You will need to know the differences between the 3 "there's".  Please refer to Monday's lesson for a review on this in the Language notebook.


for Feb. 20...

SOCIAL STUDIES QUIZ!  I have handed back the study sheets that I collected today.  I gave a checkmark for the appropriate answers.  We will be reviewing the definitions tomorrow in class for students who are missing any information.  A reminder that all the definitions are in the text book.  The quiz will be out of 10.

MATH RE-TEST!  I met with students today who are taking a re-test in math.  We reviewed all the answers from the previous test.  All the students in this group say that they are feeling comfortable with the concepts now.  Please speak to me tomorrow morning if there are any further questions.  The re-test is tomorrow, unless otherwise discussed.

MATH PKG #2!  Please hand in the second math package in geometry for tomorrow, if not already complete.  The terms we are working on so far for this unit are: slides, flips, turns, lines of symmetry, and congruent shapes.

SPEECHES!  Please make sure that you have a copy of your speech here at school for tomorrow.  I will be handing out a rubric and a scoring guide for these on Friday. Laughing

for Feb. 21

MATH PACKAGE #2!  is due tomorrow.

SOCIAL STUDIES QUIZ!  is tomorrow.  Please review your notes for this, making any corrections necessary, as indicated.

SPEECH! Please bring in a written or typed copy of the speech for tomorrow.

WORD WALL QUIZ! Is tomorrow.  Please review words in agenda.

SOCIAL STUDIES OPEN BOOK SHEET! Is due tomorrow.  Answers are available in your text book.

FAMILY DAY!  Please bring in a board game and 50cents if you would like to participate in the school's family day tomorrow.

IC IDOL!  Tomorrow is the last day for IC IDOL forms.

WRITE TRAITS!  The Voice piece of writing is due tomorrow.  Please check your paragraph for voice which could be angry, sad, serious, happy, funny, etc.  Remember to use MSV (My Strong Voice), taking your own schema to make it personal.  Brainstorming at the bottom also needs to be complete.

for Feb. 22...

WRITE TRAITS!  2 pieces of writing have been marked using a 4 point rubric for Voice.  Students who have not yet handed in the second piece need to do so on Monday.

MATH TEST!  We have had a short unit on Geometry due to the fewer required expectations for this unit.  There will be a test for this in Thursday, Feb. 28th.  The concepts that will be on the test are transformations such as translations(slides), reflections(flips) and rotations(turns), as well as congruent shapes and lines of symmetry.  These concepts are in the textbook as well as in the math packages that I have corrected and returned.  If there are any questions on this unit, please see me early next week.

EASTER POSTER! is due on Monday.  Most people should be finished or nearly finished this as we worked on it for 2 periods this week.

MATH HOMEWORK!  Gr 4: pg. 249 #1-6.  Gr. 5: pg. 242 #1,2,3,5 and Strategies Toolkit #1.

GR. 4 MATH RETEST!  Students in gr. 4 will have their math retest on Monday.  These are students who achieved a level lower than 69% on the test.  Please review math notes from the textbook as well as math packages for extra support.


for Feb. 25...

MATH!  Please complete the "Show What You Know" pages for the current lesson on Geometry.  A reminder that the test will be on Thursday!

GR. 4 MATH RETEST!  Students in gr. 4 will have their math retest on Tuesday, due to the electives program today.  These are students who achieved a level lower than 69% on the test.  Please review math notes from the textbook as well as math packages for extra support.

ART!  Please make sure that your half face has been drawn in for tomorrow.  We will be working on this tomorrow in class!  Students who do not have their art here will have to start a new one and catch up on this lesson during recess time!

SOCIAL STUDIES TESTS! have been handed back today.  Please make sure you bring them home! If you were absent on that day, the test will be on Tuesday.

LANGUAGE POWER!  Please make sure that the noun work is complete on Pg. 28 and 29

for Feb. 26...

MATH!  The Math textbook work at the end of the unit is due tomorrow. Gr. 4: Unit Problem, Gr. 5:  Tessellation Pattern

LANGUAGE POWER!  The noun work on pg. 30, 31 is due tomorrow.

MATH TEST!  will be on Thursday.  The concepts to study in the book are: transformations, including translation, rotation and reflection, as well as congruent shapes, lines of symmetry and coordinate grids.  Please refer to your textbook for review of this short unit.

ART!  The face drawing for art is due on Thursday.  Please make sure that you have taken your time to blend the colours with pencil crayon as well as make sure that the face is symmetrical.

for Feb. 28...

MATH TEST! was given today.  The results were handed back today.

ART!  The second assignment in our Portrait series of lessons was handed out today.  The Art package contains the response forms, rubric directions for this assignment.  Please make sure that this is complete for Wed. March 5th.  We will be working on this in class and there will be painting tomorrow, so please dress accordingly, in case you get paint on your clothing.

BAKE SALE! The bake sale is tomorrow.  Each item will cost .50 cents.

 for Feb. 29...

MATH!  Lesson 1 from the new unit on Fractions is due for Monday.  Grade 5's do not need to do the last question.

ART!   We worked on the portrait paintings today. If you have not finished this, please be prepared to paint on Monday.

LANGUAGE POWER!  Pg. 32 is due for Monday.

ARTIST COMING!  On Thurday, March 6th, the Gr. 4's will be going to Medievil Times with Mrs. McKeag and her Gr. 4 students.  The Grade 5's will stay at the school with Mrs. Killoran.  We will be having a Watercolour Workshop with an artist from Meta 4 in Port Perry.  The cost of this workshop is $5.00 per student.  This will cover the materials fee.