About Me - 7 Things Students Want to Know

Seven Things that All Students Want to Know 

1. The first thing students want to know us that they are in the correct room. This is often a concern because the children are in new environment and this automatically causes concern. This in mind, it is very important to reassure my students that they are in the correct room and that this is exactly where they belong. 

2. Another concern students often want to know is where they should sit. It is important to have a seating chart ready for your children on the first day. This will assist me with learning the children's names. Additionally, it let's my students know that they were important enough to me for me to plan a place for them even before they walk into the classroom. 

3. The classroom policies are important to have prior to the first day of school. It is important to set the stage of how the class will be run from the first day. This allows my students to have a clear understanding my expectations on the very first day, 

4. My students will also want to know some of the activities that they will be doing this year. This further affirms that I have been planning for them in advance. Additionally it will allow me to get the students hooked into the idea that we will be going on an exciting journey together this year!

5. One of the common concerns for new students is how they will be graded. This can be concerning to new students, and it is important that I am able to give them the simple formula that will be used. Additionally, it is another chance to explain my expectations for my students.

6.My students will also want to know about me. It is normal for them to be curious about who I am and what I have done prior to teaching. M students will also want to know who I am as a person. I believe it is important to let them know of my previous work experience and that I also have children their own age!

7.Finally, children will want to know that I will treat them as humans and with respect. It is important for my students to know that I am not here to be there friend, but I am an adult that they can seek should they need assistance. As a teacher I understand that my students are looking for security, consistency, respect, dignity and care and this is the message I plan to convey on the first day of school by being well organized.