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Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~Chinese Proverb

Welcome to Mrs. Kloberdance's Classroom Page

4th Grade

Below you will find several sites that can help your child practice skills that we are learning in class throughout the year in various subjects:


Treasures Reading Schedule:

The following is the dates for the first unit:       

Unit 1  Unit 2  
Week of Aug 27                  Unit 1 Week 1 Week of  Oct 8                    Unit 2 Week 1   
Week of Sept 3                 Unit 1 Week 2  Week  of  Oct 15                        Unit 2 Week 2  
Week of Sept 10                  Unit 1 Week 3

Week of   Oct 22                      Unit 2 Week 3

Week of Sept 17                  Unit 1 Week 4  Week of  Oct 29                          Unit 2 Week 4   
Week of Sept 24               Unit 1 Week 5   Week of  Nov 5                            Unit 2 Week 5  

The following websites will help you practice and review the skills we are learning about in class:



Treasures Grade 4

Macmillan McGraw-Hill/Index/



Accelerated Reader (A/R)  Renaissance Home Connect: Then put in username and password






Math Games For Kids General Math



EXTRA: - Current Events - A mixture of different skills






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