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Abundance is a well oriented eduational funded program through our local ministry. New Hope Restorarion Temple Of Christ .

In order to serve you better I would like to share some important information with you about Abundance. Abundance is a community based program where I would like to give back to the children. Children are a gift from God. No matter their creed or color. I know that every child deserves a chance to be well trained and educated.

Quick & Simple, our goal is to help give back to a striving community  through to our youth. To ensure that no childs gets left behind.Our Mission: Is to communicate with parents and students about better christian education. Along with building a stong foundation where the youth can come to a place and really excell in all what they do. And to help promote good study habbits.Our Goal: Is to bring many if even all our youth to a higher level of expectancy. Life isn't only about what we see about us, It's much more than the eye can see. Our goal is to be missioned in bringing fourth our youth in a Godly manner.About our ministry: New Hope Restoration Temple Of Christ. Has been birthed fourth for several mission statements. Profoundly within our outreach mission. God has placed our emphasis on our youth in a direction to renew and restore.Through God's enrichment.The word of God say's suffer not the little children to come unto Him. Our main objective is to bring them all in who choses to come. Training and teaching them the fundamentals of life through a higher power. Which is God's favor. I would like to thank the parents and youth for considering to be apart of Abundance Youth Ministries.God Bless and Thank You,                   Mrs. Knotts