About Me

Hello School Family!

My name is Lauren Taylor and the only thing I love more than teaching is my sweet little family!

Here is a little about us
My husband Adam works for the city of Gardner which, is the same city we have lived in for almost 8 years. He and I have two beautiful daughters, Haley 6 and Paige 3. Haley is a reading wiz and loves the ballet and Paige is obsessed with dinosaurs and can't wait to be a triceratops when she grows up! We also have two of the sweetest dogs, Ava and Eli! 

One of my favorite things to do is take bike rides to a few local parks with my girls and Adam. We also enjoy going to movies and doing all the outdoor things! I spend a lot of time in our garden. Not only is it a great way to bond and teach my girls about nature but, I love being able to provide fresh food for my family! 

My education and experience
I have two degrees, both from Emporia. My first is a degree in Sociology and my second is my Elementary teaching degree. I was very fortunate to get a job with the Olathe School District before I graduated and landed my first job as a Kindergarten teacher at Clearwater Creek Elementary. There, I met some amazing kids and co-workers. I spent 3 years influencing but mostly, learning from the smallest of learners. After my 3rd year at CWC, I decided to go part time and enter a job share teaching 2nd Grade at Indian Creek Elelmentary. There, is where I learned so very much about flexibilty and being patient, more than with my kindergartners! After my year of part time, my husband was set to deploy overseas and my oldest was going in to Kindergarten. Because of all the change to our family, we decided I would take a year of absence and focus on keeping our family first. This year, was the most amazing. It was hard but eye opening to enter new buildings and new grade levels on a daily basis. However, I was able to embrace different teaching styles and learn new things from a lot of different resources and cultural backgrounds. I am appreciative of all my experiences and I am truly grateful for everything I've been able to do and all the children i've grown to adore in the process.