Our Classroom Website


Hello sweet families! I am so excited to be your students teacher for this short season in their educational career! We are going to have so much fun this year and I can not wait to get started! 

This is our class website, here, you will find all the important information you may seek during the year. Think of this as our homebase for all things school! 

Five things to expect!

In our room:

1) Expect to be heard. I will make it my mission to ensure you feel like your ideas and thoughts are heard, appreciated, and respected.

2) Exect to be a listener. You should be open to learning new and exciting things from both myself and your peers. Open up and be a good listener. 

3) Expect to be a team player. I am here simply to lead a team of learners. It wil be your job to be an active player on our class team.

4) Expect to be proud. The work we do in class will not be mindless and it will not aways be easy. But, you should aways be proud of what you produce.

5) Expect to have fun. Our days will not be all fun and games all the time. But, I love sharing exciting new ways to learn and grow!


Hold on tight, we're jumping in feet first!


Mrs. Taylor

Have Fun!
The Team at Educator Pages heart