A Fun Place To Be

Some things you might see in our room this year!

Well, aren't you AMAZING! You are being recognized for doing one of the following (or something else super stellar!!)
Being a super helpful kiddo for our guest teacher
Being a team player 
Showing kindess or being helpful in a, what may be a sticky, situation
Showing integrity

S.T.E.M Projects
Some of my favorite STEM projects include, but are not limited to:
-The Great Egg Drop-Create a device to keep your egg safe and unharmed in a 12ft drop

-So, You Think You Can Fly-Create a plane and work as a team to pilot it the best in several different scenarios

-Row, Row, Row, Your Boat-Build a boat that will keep your Lego character afloat across a 3ft canal

-London Bridges that DOn't Fall Down-Build a bridge that can hold the weight of as many text books as possible


Flexible Seating-The Great Debate
I happen to have a loving place in my heart for flexibe seating. I find that a student whose body is stationary may have a mind that is also. I encourage my students to move all day and I find that providing them with several different options during the day is helpful and freeing. However, if you choose to remain seated I will encourage you to do that as well! Options are a persons best friend, I expect you to make the one that best suits your body on any certain day!