weekly homework schedule

 Homework is an integral part of learning as well and needs to be done each night.  Your children will be given homework assignments on a regular basis, Monday through Thursday.  I will not give any homework on the weekends or over vacations.  **There will be Spelling homework each evening, with a Worksheet on Monday, ABC order on Tuesday, 3 times each on Wednesday and sentences on Thursday.  Should I find a Spelling worksheet that I think would be beneficial, I will also send that home for homework during the week.  Their Spelling test will be on Friday.  This test will include all the words from our Reading lesson as well as phonic words that we have been working on in class.   I will also give dictation with the Spelling test that counts as a Language Arts Grade.**Vocabulary will include working on the words during the week in class, as well as on Wednesday evening have the students write each word in a sentence.  The vocabulary quiz will be on Thursday.**Reading Logs are also part of their homework.  They should read 10 to 15 minutes a night for a minimum of 4 nights a week.  Reading logs should be returned to school on Friday morning signed by a parent. **Book Reports will be done on a monthly basis.  Each book report will focus on a particular area of a story or genre.  A copy of the book reports requirements is attached to this note **Math homework will be given to reinforce Math skills learned as well as skills we are learning. **Other homework will be given on an as needed basis.