Below is a list of links to help you with your ALL STAR Challenges!  
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Name the 7 Continents
 Name 15 World Countries (You may have to do a little searching)
 Name 15 of the major world cities (Choose any 15 from the list)

Name 10 South American and Central American countries.

Name 10 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean

Name 10 countries in Europe.

Name 10 major bodies of water.

Name 10 major world rivers.

Name 10 large deserts of the world.

Name 10 large lakes in North America.

Name 10 major mountains or mountain ranges.

Name the 50 states. 

Write the names of the 50 states on a map.

Name the state capitals

Name the 13 Colonies

Name 10 Native American tribes

Name 8 explorers

Name the 1st - 10th presidents in order

Name the 11th  - 20th presidents in order

Name the 21st - 30th presidents in order

Name the 31st - current presidents

Name 8 Civil War battlefields.

Name 10 Symbols of Massachusetts

Name 10 facts about Mexico

Name 10 facts about Canada

Name 20 National Parks and where they are found in the US

Name 10 Oregon Trail landmarks
Name 15 mammals.

Name 10 dinosaurs

Name 10 rocks

Name 10 minerals

Name 10 chemicals and their periodic symbol

Name 10 organs in the human body

Name 5 inventors and their inventions

Name 5 human body systems

Name the stages of the water cycle. 

Label the major bones of the skeleton

Name the order of the planets in the solar system

Label the parts of a flower

Label a plant cell

label an animal cell

Name 5 complex machines

Name 5 types of Simple machines and an example of each

Name and describe three types of clouds

Name four types of robots and what they do

Name 10 constellations

Name 15 desert animals or wildlife

Name 10 rain forest birds or mammals

Name 15 marine creatures
Name 20 verbs

Name 15 adjectives.

Name 15 adverbs.

Name 15 prepositions. 

Name 20 Common Nouns and 20 Proper Nouns

Name 10 famous authors

Give 2 examples each of alliteration, personification, simile, metaphor hyperbole, and onomatopoeia

Count to 20 in Spanish

Count to 20 in French

Use sign language and sign the alphabet

Score 100% on the grade-level 100-word spelling test. 
Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital alphabet

Compute area of squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles.

Name the perfect square numbers up to 225. 

Write in Roman numerals up to 100

Name 5 famous mathematicians

Earn 100% on the area & perimeter of rectangles quiz.

Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the addition basic facts test.

Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the division basic facts test.

Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the multiplication basic facts test

Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the subtraction basic facts test



Name one career for each letter of the alphabet

Name the birthstones for each month

Name 12 winter or summer Olympic events

Name 10 large U.S. corporations.

Name 10 instruments in a marching band

Name 10 instruments in a symphony orchestra

Name 10 football teams and their cities

Name 10 basketball teams and their cities

Name 10 baseball teams and their cities.

Name 10 hockey teams and their cities

Name 15 breeds of dogs.

Name the 5 competitive swimming strokes

Name all of the Walt Disney World Theme parks and water parks

Name all the teachers at Quinn School (Grades K-5 and specialists)
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