Homework & Spelling list


Homework will be given (Mon-Thur) every week.  Occasionally students may have homework over the weekend (to study or a project).  Nightly homework includes spelling, math, 15 minutes of reading, and possibly one other subject.  
SPELLING:  Weekly Spelling Homework Options

Choose 4 different homework tasks for the week. Write them in your agenda every Monday morning. Try to choose different tasks each week. Options:

  • Write each word three times each (in Cursive)
  • Put the words into ABC order
  • Write 10 quality sentences using at least 10 spelling words
  • Choose 10 words to look up in the dictionary  write the definition & part of speech.
  • Choose 15 words to look up in a  thesaurus (Find synonyms & antonyms for each word)
  • Illustrate 10 words to show what each of them means
  • Break the words into syllables

1. counting

 2. craned

 3. seemed

. 4. burned

5. chopped

6. cracked

7. begged

8. moving

9. slipped

10. sailing

11. trimmed

12. shopping

13. returned

14. watching

15. pushed

16. visited

17. cringed

18. screamed

19. scratching

20. flapping

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