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Our Classroom Website

Welcome to Class 3-317:  Mrs. Liss 


smileyI am looking forward to an enjoyable year!​

Our Class Schedule:-

Monday and Thursdays-Science with Mrs. David 

Tuesday - Dance/Drama with Msrs. Zee

Wednesday and Friday-Gym with Mr. Hahn

Friday- STEM (Lego Robotics) with Mr. Galvin 

**E.T.A.S. is every Friday!**



1. We are working on Journey's Lesson 6 - Roberto Celmente

2. We are working on Envisions 2.0 Topic 5- Fluently Multiply and Divide within 100



Monday 1/20/20:

1. Math-  

2. Journeys- 

3. Read for 20 min or go on Lexia


-Dance/Drama tomorrow




Tuesday 1/21/20:

1. Math- STUDY p. 349-353 and the RETEACH pages

2. ELA Ready- p. 28-29 #1A-B  and #3 on p. 31 (use RACE) 

3. Read  for 20 min. or go on Lexia

4.  SS-  choose a MLK Quote and write what it means to you



-Gym tomorrow

-Math- Topic 6 Test tomorrow



Wednesday 1/22/20

1. Math- p. 356

2. ELA Ready-  read p. 32-33 p. 34-36 only #1-7 (multiple choice)

3. Read for 20 min. or go on Lexia 



-Science tomorrow



Thursday 1/16/20

1. Math-  Lesson 6-7 p. 

2. ELA Ready- p.

3.  Read for 20 min. or go on Lexia



-STEM and Gym tomorrow- sneakers

















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