Classroom Management Plan

Choice up or Down

All the kids start out on the green box that says "Ready to Learn." The students then know that through their choices throughout the day, the can either move up or down the chart. Students who have moved down have the opportunity to move back up and vice versa. Reward those who make it to Outstanding at the end of the day. This shows the kids that even though they make bad choices, they still have a chance to redeem themselves. Ask the students to decide whether or not they think the behavior should warrant them moving up or down the chart, then have them move it accordingly. Usually they will make the right decision. It prevents students from getting the proverbial “red light” at the beginning of the day and realizing that they don’t have to behave anymore that day because they are already at the final consequence. This method allows the students to take pride in themselves and their choices. It is also a big deal for some of the kids who have a harder time managing themselves to see that they get to come in every day and start fresh, just like everyone else.