Spelling Words

Spelling and Vocabulary Lists for the week of 03/03/14



  1. downstairs
  2. football
  3. cowboy
  4. houseboat
  5. railroad
  6. rainbow
  7. boyhood
  8. oatmeal
  9. soybean
  10. roadway
  11. outplay
  12. daydream
  13. joyful
  14. freeway
  15. raincoat




  1. balance
  2. canyons
  3. coral
  4. rattle
  5. slivers
  6. sway
  7. whisper







The students will write the definition for the vocabulary words.                       



The students will write a complete sentence using spelling words 1-6.



 The students will write a complete sentence using words 7-15



The students will ask an adult for a sentence that has each vocabulary word in it and will write it down.



The students will receive a spelling and vocabulary test at school.