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My Classroom Website

Welcome to Mrs. Lunsford's Language Arts Class!

In this class, students will be graded in both reading and writing.

Parents and students should refer to this page daily in order to obtain important classroom information. 

Please see the attachments for class documents and helpful links.

Daily bell ringers, journal entries, and analogies will be posted in the classroom frequently. If a student is absent, they are responsible for copying the bell ringers and analogies to their composition book or agenda. All entries should be dated, completed, and recorded.  Composition books will be graded randomly and periodically throughout the nine week period.

A binder is also required. Binders should not be used to store information or work from other classes. Binders are for LANGUAGE ARTS ONLY.   Each paper should have the appropriate heading in the upper right hand corner.

Please email for questions.  I will respond as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to seeing your child succeed this year!

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