Sight Words

*Practice your sight word cards daily- 

*You can get more help with your sight words at the following websites:


Februry-April 2012 Sight Words- 

We will be practicing recognizing these words and knowing what they mean this week until the end of April.  Check out 

the following words: 

Country     State     Town     City     Name    Phone      Number       Address      Male      Female     School   


*Also include all food and menu words from December and January!  


Wilson Reading Program

Vowels- A E I O U

Digraphs-  2 letters that make 1 sound  sh ch th ck qu wh ph

Bonus Letters- any word that ends in a K, L, S, F or sometimes Z we double if it follows a vowel- examples include: kiss mess fill well puff huff buzz

Welded Sounds- the sounds are glued together-  am, an, all, ing, ink, ang, ank, ong, onk, ung, unk

Blends- remember Mrs. Martin's Blender!!  2 consonants that make 2 sounds or 3 consonants that make 3 sounds- examples inlcude st, bl, dr, tr, pl, cl, cr, br, str, spl