My Pyramid...My Healthy Food Plan - Lesson Plan

My Pyramid…..My Healthy Food Plan

Goal: To have the students develop a useful understanding of the recommended food groups and create a plan for incorporating 6 new healthy foods into their diets and 60 minutes of moderate activities on most days of the week into their lifestyle using the USDA food pyramid website and supporting materials 

Student Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Choose 3 new healthy foods (from different food groups) to try over the course of each week for a two week period. 
  • Choose activities to achieve 60 minutes of moderate activity on at least 4 days each week for a two week period.  
  • Identify the food groups their choices come from.
  • Identify the duration and frequency of their activities.
  • Share choices with parents to gain approval/support.
  • Track food and activity choices on a daily basis for two weeks using worksheet.  (handed in daily)
  • Enhance knowledge through playing the MyPyramid Blast Off Game on the website.  (optional with raffle ticket reward for participating)
  • At the end of the two weeks, work in small groups to discuss the differences in each others choices.

Time Frame:   Jan 4th - Introduction and set up       Jan 4th - Jan 17th - Daily tracking homework     Jan 19th - Wrap Up: group share and discussion.

Materials & Resources Being Used:

  • MyPyramid For Kids Poster
  • A Close Look at MyPyramid For Kids
  • My Healthy Lifestyle Planning Sheet – food and activity choices
  • MyPyramid Worksheet
  • MyPyramid Tips for Families
  • Computer Access at home to play MyPyramid Blast Off Game individually or with a parent.  (optional)