About Me

Mrs. McAfee taught her first class in 1990. (Yep! She is OLD!!)

She has taught 2nd grade ONCE, and that was hard because 2nd graders are soooo little!

3rd-6th are all grades she enjoys, but her favorite grade is...XXwinkXX!

She has taught every year since then except for ONE. (I wonder why?)

She has three children: Jerich, Colin & Tristan (and they're pretty old, too.) 

She was born in the state where people say, "Image result for roll tide" at certain college sporting events.

She was raised in in a state that has a Disney theme park and a big red bridge people say is golden. (Do you know which state?)  Image result for goldengate bridge

She likes to tell stories about her life and sometimes use strange voices. Her previous students say she's funny, strict and weird. Hmmmm....do you think you'll agree? 

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  - Abraham Lincoln