What Can I do to Help My Child Succeed in Second Grade? 


Below are some helpful hints to help create successful students.


*Be sure your child gets adequate sleep before each school day.


*Awake your child in the morning with enough time to allow for a morning hug, a healthy 

  breakfast (unless eating at school) and hygiene routines.


*Prepare a quiet homework place and make homework a priority.

  Help your child to understand the work, but allow them to complete the work as  

   independently as possible.


*Ask your child about his/her day.  Ask detailed questions such as: “Tell me about the story you read today.  

Who were the characters?  What activity did you do in math?”

Help your child organize thoughts and not to reply to your questions with, “I don’t know.”


*Review the papers brought home, post important dates to remember and encourage  

  your child to clean out his/her backpack.


**Provide a daily, healthy snack.


*Read to your child and read to yourself in front of him/her.  When children see others value 

  learning, they will value it, too!