Music Websites

New York Philharmonic Kids

This is a website where you can play music games, learn about instruments and musicians, learn how to make your own instruments and explore a symphony orchestra.

Tone Matrix

This is a fun composition tool. Change the squares to white to make a tone. Try different shapes and configurations to create different sounds. Hit the spacebar to clear the board.

Smithsonian Folkways

Use this website to explore the music of almost any culture in the world. Use the menu on the left to select a country or genre.

Young People's Chorus of New York

This is the YouTube channel for the Young People's Chorus of New York. The kids do incredible things in the choral world and are a lot of fun to watch.

Tim Gregory Videos

Tim Gregory went and spent time in Kenya collecting songs from that area, many of which the choir has learned over the years. This is a link to his YouTube channel where he has videos of songs, dances and games he has collected in his travels.

Phil Tulga

This website has different games and activities for compsing music, making your own instruments and learning bout how music is used in other cultures.

Classics for Kids

Listen to music, learn about composers and play games.

Carnegie Hall Games and Listening Guides

Journey through famous pieces of music with your own personal guide or explore the history of African-American music.


Create your own beatbox compositions.

Button Bass

Another Beatbox composition website.

Note Name Game

Choose your clef and see how fast you can name the notes of the staff!

Music Theory Games

Tons and tons of all kinds of music theory games. Note names, tempo markings, instruments families. Check out Rhythms Hoop Shoot to work on note values and shoot some hoops or the Bass or Treble Clef Word Warrior to work on note names and shoot some aliens.

Staff Wars

See how long you can last while the notes stream by!


Recorder Websites

Mrs. Jean’s YouTube Channel

Mrs. Jean is a music teacher who is a recorder rock star. She takes many kinds of songs both folk and popular music and teaches you how to play them. Songs include “Starships” by Nicki Minaj, “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry and “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars.

Go to and search MrsJeanMusic

You Can Play It!
There are many great tutorials on this website on how to play different songs such as Happy Birthday, tunes from Legend of Zelda and even Christmas songs. Click the Recorder Tutorials tab at the top and then browse through the music. The fingerings you want to use for our recorders are on the left side and is called Baroque. The first time through they play the song at normal speed, the second time they play it slower.

Squeaky Recorder Playhouse
Lots of different recorder information such as fingering charts, troubleshooting if you're sounding bad and songs to play.

Interactive Fingering Chart

Trying to figure out a note? Try here!