Seen Happening in the Classroom Week 5

Please visit the beginning of each week to check on updates and to view the skills we will be learning. 

Please note that we will take our first spelling test at the end of this week.


Students will...

  • Analyze Story Structure
  • Analyze characters by looking at their words and actions
  • Understand how setting helps comprehension
  • Identify rhyme with short /a/
  • Blend sounds in words with short /a/a
  • Spell words with short /a/a
  • Identify spelling patterns
  • Sort words with –at, -an
  • Decode words with short /a/a
  • Listen for initial short /a/a
  • Build words with short /a/a
  • Learn high-frequency words (jump, not, up, down, like, go) and read them in context
  • Blend sounds in words
  • Use dictation to practice spelling words
  • Analyze story structure, character,  and setting
  • Read “Pam and Sam”
  • Retell the story
  • Read plural words with the inflectional ending –s
  • Practice for a spelling test
  • Practice fluency with high-freq
  • Understand that nonfiction gives information about a topic
  • Understand that photographs give more information about the words
  • Read “Our Best Days”
  • Make connections by reading across texts
  • Compare different genres


Students will...

  • Act out and draw pictures for “Some, Some More” and “Some, Some Went Away” stories
  • Take written assessment 2
  • Sort by one attribute
  • Count pennies
  • Identify a number between two numbers


Social Studies:

Students will... 

  • Explain why people move from one country to another and how new people enrich a community
  • Review unit


Studetns will...

  • identify some of the things animals need to survive
  • describe different shapes of teeth and beaks, and predict what foods they are adapted for