Seen Happening in the Classroom

Please visit the beginning of each week to check on updates and to view the skills we will be learning. 


Students will...

    • Analyze Story Structure
    • Identify the sequence of events
    • Reinforce concepts of print
    • Identify medial short /a/
    • Segment and blend rhyming words with /at/at
    • Spell words with short /a/a
    • Sort words with –ad, -ap, -ack
    • Read “I Can, I Can!”
    • Decode words with short /a/a
    • Learn High-frequency words (down, jump, not, up, too, it, yes, over)


Students will... 

  • Identify a # between two #s
  • Divide a solid in half
  • Use pictures for combining sets
  • Graph a picture on a pictograph
  • Count from 0-23
  • Take written assessment 3
  • Take oral assessment 2
  • Make an organized list to solve a problem


Studetns will...

  • Identify and describe the parts of a plant
  • Explain where seeds are made
  • Use a model to observe how plants absorb and transport water
  • Communicate how a plant stem carries water to the plant’s upper parts
  • Infer from the model how a plant absorbs moisture from the soil.
  • Identify animals and plants that live in a meadow
  • Identify animals and plants that live in the ocean
  • identify animals and plants in their habitats
  • communicate how animals and plants interact to meet their needs