Seen Happening in the Classroom

Please visit the beginning of each week to check on updates and to view the skills we will be learning. 



Students will...

  • Analyze Text Structure
  • Identify the sequence of events
  • Reinforce concepts of print
  • Identify sound-letter correspondence short /i/
  • Blend words with short /i/
  • Spell words with short /i/i
  • Idenitfy spelling patterns
  • Sort words with –in, -it, -iss
  • Read “Jim Had a Big Hit!”
  • Decode words with short /i/i
  • Learn High-frequency words (too, it, yes, over, run, ride, be)
  • Identify statements
  • Begin a statement with a capital letter
  • End a statement with a period


Students will... 

  • Write addition number sentences
  • Represent equivalent forms of the same number
  • Identify ordinal position to sixth 
  • Addition facts: doubles with sums to 10
  • Identify a rectangle
  • Identify the number of sides and angles of a rectangle
  • Write number sentences for “Some, Some More” stories
  • Create addition problem situations


Students will...

  •  Review skills in chapter 1
  • describe characteristics of mammals & birds
  • describe characteristics of fish & reptiles
  • describe characteristics of amphibians & insects