Christmas Program Update

Christmas Program Information    


Baby Jesus Lies in the Manger on Christmas Morning


Date: Sunday, December 11th
Place: Mother Catherine Spalding School
Time: Please arrive at 1:30PM and drop your child off in the 1st grade classroom.  Once students have been dropped off they are not allowed to go to the gym.

  • The band concert begins at 1:45PM
  • The Christmas program begins at 2:00PM.  

Dress: Sunday Best (Please keep in mind that costumes will need to fit over top of your child’s clothing.)                               
    •    Mary and Angels need to wear white shoes (can be sandals, tennis or dress).

•    Joseph and Shepherds need to wear dark shoes, such as: black, brown or navy blue (can be sandals, tennis or dress).

•    Wise men need to wear a dark shirt (can be a T-shirt) this will be worn under a cape as well as dark shoes, such as: black, brown or navy blue (can be sandals, tennis or dress).

Students will change into costumes starting at 1:30.  In an effort to minimize distractions, only the homeroom parents, Mrs. Ritchey and Mrs. Johnson, will be able to assist students with costumes.


Dismissal:  After the play and finale students are to return to the classroom to change.  Parents are to sign their child out in the classroom.

Possible Props: If any of your children still have their nap mats from last year they can bring them in on Monday.  We might use them for the Christmas Program.  If they are not too cumbersome to handle, students would just carry them on and off stage.  If your child does not have a nap mat, I may be able to borrow a few from Kindergarten.