Seen Happening in the Classroom

Please visit the beginning of each week to check on updates and to view the skills we will be learning. 

Reading:Emoticon reading book

Students will review...

  • Identify sound-symbol for r-controlled vowel /ûr/er, ir, ur
  • Spell words with r-controlled vowel /ûr/er, ir, ur
  • Identify spelling patterns
  • Sort words with er, ir, ur
  • Decode words with r-controlled vowel /ûr/er, ir, ur
  • Read words with r-controlled vowel /ûr/er, ir, ur in connected text
  • Intro. high-freq words places, animals, from, ground, beautiful, crowded, part, tiny
  • Review vocabulary and high-freq. words from last week
  • Generate questions
  • Classify and categorize
  • Reinforce concepts of print

Math:Math teacher and student

Students will... 

  • Practice addition facts: four of the last eight facts
  • Identify geometric solids (cones and spheres)
  • Use bills to pay for items to $20
  • Practice adding Three Single-Digit Numbers

Social Studies:

  • Compare our school  to one of long ago
  • Compare their text books to text used long ago in school (hornbooks)
  • Compare transportation methods from long ago to those we use today
  • Explain how transportation inventions have changed the way people live
  • Understand that different people have different points of view
  • Identify inventions and ideas that made communication easier
  • Compare communication methods long ago with those used today
  • Learn about the Pony Express and how it improved communication