Seen Happening in the Classroom

Please visit the beginning of each week to check on updates and to view the skills we will be learning. 

Reading:Emoticon reading book

Students will...

  • Isolate medial, final sounds
  • Identify sound-letter correspondence for diphthong /oi/ oi, oy
  • Blend with /oi/oi, oy
  • Spell words with diphthong /oi/oi,oy
  • Identify spelling patterns
  • Sort words with oi, oy
  • Decode words with diphthong /oi/oi, oy
  • Review high-freq. words
  • Identify High-freq. words (circle, toward, grew, leave)

Math:Math teacher and student

Students will...

  • Identify Events as Certain, Likely, or Impossible
  • Identify and Count Hundreds, Tens, and Ones
  • Identifying Geometric Solids (Rectangular Prisms
  • Subtraction Facts:  9 – 4, 9 – 5, 9 – 3, 9 – 6

Soical Studies:

Students will review...

  • Preview vocabulary (government, President, vote, symbol)
  • Explain why communities need laws
  • Identify who makes the laws in a community
  • Express ideas in writing about a rule and why it is important
  • Recognize some government leaders throughout history
  • Identify the governor of your state and the President of the United States
  • Identify American heroes and explain their achievements
  • Identify character traits of heroes