Studying Resources

Dear Parents,

I recently found a cool website to help with studying for the weekly Spelling test.  Check out the website below to practice.

  • To start simply click add 10 words.
  • Then type in all the spelling words (one word per field).
  • Then click on Play A Game (the green button). 

There are many free online activities that can help your child practice.  There are even printable worksheets that they can do as well. 

Please let me know if you and your child found this site helpful.


Mrs. Meidenbauer

Another website that allows you to input our weekly Spelling words:

  • To start simply click on each field and type in all the spelling words (one word per field).
  • Then click Go (the blue button).  

This site allows children to practice seeing, covering, writing and checking the spelling words.


Other helpful and fun strategies:

Mix It Up with Fun Spelling Activities

While games can't replace regular study sessions, there are plenty of fun ways students can work in extra practice for an upcoming spelling list. For example:

  • Make a word search.
  • Play a game of Hangman.
  • Make pairs of matching word cards and play a memory game with your spelling list.
  • Cut letters out of an old magazine to make an artistic collage of the words on the spelling list.
  • Write a story using a favorite television character that incorporates all the words on the spelling list.
  • Spell words using the sign language alphabet.

Visual Aids to Learn Spelling Words

        At the beginning of each week, have your child write one spelling word per index card in bold print. Let him or her decorate each card with drawings, stickers, etc. Take each card and place it on an area that he or she frequent. For example, on a bathroom mirror, the outside of a refrigerator, or bedroom door. 

Then during the week remove one card at a time and if your child can remember which word it was and how to spell it he or she can earn a simple reward such as stickers.  This can be a fun way to help build confidence.