Family History Day!

First grade is studying about history in Social Studies.  History tells a story of the past.  Everyone’s family has a history.  Children learn about their family’s past by talking, reading books or listening to stories, and by looking at real things and pictures from the past. 

We are going to have a Family History Day next Tuesday.  Each student will be allowed to bring in only one item to share with the class. 

It could be anything from old photographs to books or toys.  It must be an item that is not breakable and that they can carry on their own.  They will have a chance to share their item and tell a family story about it on Tuesday, April 24th

One example might be an old photograph of a child’s grandfather with his car.  The story would be that he drove a Model-T car.  Another example might be an old bank of a child’s mother.  The story would be that she had it when she was seven and tell why it’s special.            

Please email or call if you have any questions.