Reading Street Student Friendly Objectives

After attending a workshop, we learned that we need to display Student Friendly Objectives each week.  I began writing mine while out for the summer and thought I would share with other 2nd grade teachers.  I have certainly borrowed other "Reading Street" resources from others.  Thanks to all.

Unit 1 Week 1:  Iris and Walter---- Student Friendly Objectives--

Morning Warm-UP ------ Discuss Neighborhoods

Oral Vocabulary      ------ Use new amazing words

                                          brittle  -- decision -- dart -- rural -- underground -- creature -- urban -- investigate

Phonics                   -------  Blend, read, build and spell words with short vowels ea /e/

                                           Review vowel sounds with CVC/CCVC/CVCC spelling patterns

Vocabulary          --------    Read and use high frequency words in lesson

                                          beautiful --- country -- friend -- front -- someone -- somewhere               

                                          selection words --- ladder -- amazing -- roller skate -- meadow

Comprehension    --------- Use graphic T chart to build background and to better understand character and setting

Unit 1 Week 2:  Exploring Space with an Astronaut --SFO

Morning Warm UP ------- Discuss Astronauts

Oral Vocabulary --- Use new amazing words

                                ascend -- descend -- enormous -- journey -- launch -- meteorite -- orbit -- universe

Phonics             ----- Blend, read, build and spell words with long vowel patterns (CVCe)

                                 Review vowel sounds with cvc, ccvc, cvcc spelling patterns

Vocabulalry  -----  Read and use High frequency and selection words in lesson   

                             everywhere, live, machines, move, woman, work, world 

                              SW-- astronaut, experiment, gravity, shuttle, telescope

Comprehension -- Use KWL chart to build background and to better understand text structure, main idea and details

Unit 1 Week 3:  Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night--SFO

 Morning Warm Up ------Discuss Exploring Nature

Oral Vocabulary ----     Use New amazing words

                                 detective--fascinating--galaxy -- identify -- slimy -- tranquil -- underneath --wildfire

Phonics ------------ Blend, read, build and spell words with consonant blends

                                Review Long vowels CVCe

Vocabulary   -------Read and use High Frequency and selection words in lesson

                               bear, build, couldn't, father, love, mother, straight

                               SW-- drooled, lanterns, shivered, snuggled

Comprehension  --- Build background and identify character and setting

Unit 1 Week 4

Discuss     Deserts 

Use Amazing Words      arid, landform, precipitation, dunes, ledge, haven, discovery, forbidding 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read  inflected endings   s, ed, ing 

Review   consonant blends 

Use High Frequency Words  water, eyes,  early, animals, full, warm, world, friend, woman, move 

Build Background using a comparison chart.  We will recognize main idea and details.  

Unit 1 Week 5  

Discuss when searching for answers, who do we ask?

 Use Amazing Words  delicate, inquire, sturdy, exhibit, resist, stun, genius, satisfaction 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read  consonant digraphs

Review  inflected endings s  ed  ing 

Use High Frequency Words  gone, learn, often, pieces, though, together, veryUse synonyms 

Build Background using a web organizer.  Recognize Realism and Fantasy.         

   Unit 2 Week 1

Discuss  Dangerous Situations 

Use Amazing Words  courageous, hazard, rescue, avalanche, instinct, skittish, blustery, fast-paced 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read  ar, or and ore words

Review  consonant digraphs 

Use High FrequencyWords  break, family, heard, listen, once, pullDiscuss meanings of position and direction words 

Identify  sequence by listing things in the order they happen 

Unit 2 Week 2

Discuss  Teams 

Use Amazing Words compete, contribute, recreation, deserve, mope, actuate, aloft, tinker 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read  contractions n’t, ‘s, ‘ll, ‘m

Review  r-controlled ar, or - ore 

Use High Frequency words  certainly, either, great, laugh, second, worst, you’re 

Build Background using web chart and recognize realism and Fantasy  

Unit 2 Week 3 Turtle’s Race with Beaver

Discuss  Sharing 

Use Amazing Words conflict, inhabit, resolve, coax, ramp, startle, serape, vacation 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read r-controlled er-ir-ur

Review contractions n’t, ‘s, ‘ll, ‘m 

Use High Frequency words  above, ago, enough, toward, whole, word

Discuss time and order words for sequence 

Build Background using web chart and recognize sequence 

 Unit 2 Week 4  The Bremen Town Musicians

Discuss  When we should work  together 

Use Amazing Words  partnership, solution, survival, miserable, struggle, depend, familiar, insist 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read  plurals with s es ies

Review  r controlled er ir ur 

Use High Frequency Words bought, people, pleasant, probably, scared, shall, and  signRecognize author’s purpose through story structure 

Build Background  using graphic organizer  and recognize author’s purpose 

Unit 2 Week 5  A Turkey for Thanksgiving

Discuss How to contribute to a celebration 

Use Amazing Words dine, holiday, participate, decorate, banquet, flare, glimmer, whispery 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read  words with long vowels a, ai, ay

Review  plurals, s- es- ies 

Use High Frequency Words  behind, brought, door, everybody, minute, promise, sorry 

Build Background by using T-chart and recognize drawing conclusions by visualizing            

Unit 3 Week 1

Discuss  good ideas and inventions 

Use Amazing Words  construct, sidekick, unique, contraption, foolproof, daydream, project, scrap 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read  long e ee, ea, y words

Review long a , ai, ay 

Use High Frequency Words  guess, pretty, science, shoe, village, watch, won 

Build Background using graphic organizer and recognize author’s purpose 

Unit 3 Week 2

Discuss ways we communicate 

Use Amazing Words  correspond, postage, transport, cove, footprint, deaf, imitate, sign-language 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read long o, oa, ow

Review  long ee, ea, y 

Use High Frequency Words answer, company, faraway, parents, picture, school, wash

Build Background using graphic organizer and draw conclusions 

Unit 3 Week 3 Anansi Goes Fishing

Discuss Creative ideas / good/ bad 

Use Amazing Words  consume, prey, shrewd, boast, gloat, snicker, contentment, cure, incident 

Blend, Build, Spell and Read  compound words

Review long o, a, ow 

Use High Frequency Words been, believe, caught, finally, today, tomorrow, whatever 

Build Background using T-chart and recognize cause and effect  

Unit 3 Week 4

Discuss when creative ideas solve problems 

Use New Amazing Words  abundant, assist, generous, dismay, efficient, beam, forever, situation 

Blend, spell, build, and read words with I, ie, igh, y

Review  compound words  

Read and Use High Frequency Words alone, buy, daughters, half, many, their, youngest 

Build background using web organizer and recognize theme and plot. 

Unit 3 Week 5 A Weed Is a Flower

Discuss  where creative ideas come from 

Use New Amazing Words  excel, process, research, opportunity, accomplish, original, scientist, unusual 

Blend, spell, build, and read comparative endings

Review long i, ie, igh, y 

Read and Use High Frequency Words  clothes, hours, money, neighbor, only, question, taught 

Build Background  using web organizer and recognize cause and effect