Contact Me

You can contact me whichever way feels best for you! The easiest way for me to communicate with you all is via email because I am able to answer it from home. I will do my best to answer all emails within 24 hours of when I receive them, but I will rarely answer emails over the weekend. I am sure you understand that I do what I can to give my family their time with me as mom, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend.


Phone: 814.237.9727

You could also make an appointment for a visit if you think it would be best to meet and discuss anything face to face. 


The Remind app is a great way for you and me to be able to TEXT information, pictures, successes, concerns quickly and easily and privately.  Please join the class here:


If you are willing to join us on Facebook, Samwise has a page where he will be adding photos of things we do in class. This is a fun way for us to connect and hear about things happening. If you are not comfortable having your child appear on Facebook and you let Mrs. Confer know, your child will never be seen on this page. It will mostly be pictures of Samwise, anyway, because he's a camera hog. He can be found with username Samwise Dwight Mesick.