Everything I Need to Know to Succeed in Mrs. Metro’s Class 

8-3 Expectations

All behavior in this classroom should reflect the right of the teacher to teach and the right of the students to learn.

1.    Accept responsibility for your own actions and performances.

2.   Show respect for everyone and everything.

3.   Bring your own materials to class.

4.   Be in your seat before the starting time.

5.   Be positive

Mrs. Metro’s Expectations

·        Respect

·        Responsibility

·        Safety 

I am looking forward to a wonderful school year.  I know that we are all going to have a great time working together and getting to know each other.  Welcome to class and I can not wait to get started!   

Mrs. Metro 

  Classroom Expectations & Procedures 

Entering the Room

1.    Find your assigned seat and sit down.  (Make sure all hallway business is done.  You will not be allowed to leave once you enter the room.)

2.   Prepare yourself for class.  Sharpen pencils and get out materials needed for class.

3.   Follow the directions or do the problem(s) posted on the front board.

 Dismissal from Class

·        Stay in your seat until Mrs. Metro dismisses you.

·        Do not hang out by the door. 

Time to Listen

·        The classroom will be noisy at times.

·        It is time to listen when the adult in charge begins to speak or you are given a signal to be quiet. 

What to Bring

·        Pencil

·        Homework

·         Handbook

·        Textbook

·        AR Book

If you do not have the necessary supplies you will need to give me a hall pass so you can go and get them.

 Finishing Work Early

·        Most days there will be time to work on homework in class.

·        If you finish early, read AR.


·        Purpose: To practice what you learn in class.  Homework assignments should take about 15-20 minutes of your time.

·        Due the next day, unless otherwise noted.

·        Must be done neatly, in pencil, on regular sized notebook paper.

·        Front and back of paper may be used.

·        Problems must be numbered.

·        Answers must be circled.

·        Heading must be in upper right corner.

·        Heading must include name, date, class hour and assignment.

 Make-Up/Late Work

·        All work is expected to be handed in on time.

·        If you know you are going to be absent, you need to see the teacher before the missed class.  You need to do this before school, after school, or during 6th hour, not during class.  (This is a Core policy.)

·        The assignment will be due on the same date as the rest of the class or it will be considered late.

·        You have 1 day plus the number of days you were gone to make up work for each school day you missed; for things other than previously scheduled/planned absences.

·        You are responsible for picking up the missed assignment(s).

·        Check the ‘Absent Crate’ at the back of the room before asking Mrs. Metro about missing work.

·        If there are questions, make an appointment to see Mrs. Metro.

·        Hand in make-up work in the class basket.

·        Make-up work not handed in will be recorded as a zero in the grade book, until it is handed in.

·        I will not ask you for your make-up work, it is your responsibility. 

  Grading/Handing in Papers

·        You will grade your own assignments using the pen provided by Mrs.  Metro.

·        A checkmark or slash will be put through the number of the problem, when it is missed.

·        You may write the correct answer in pen.

·        When done grading, you will include the score.  This information will be placed next to your heading.

·        All students will get up and hand in their own paper in alphabetical order, face down.

·        Graded papers will be filed in your filing folder.  You are responsible for putting them into your notebook.

 Grading Policy

·        Everything will be entered as points. 

·        Quizzes and tests will be worth more points than homework.

·        If there is not a stamp, there is not a grade in my grade book.  


·         Will be kept in the classroom and contain information that is important to this class and future math classes.

·        Notebooks are used to teach organization and are expected to stay organized.

 Testing Procedures

·        Desks must be separated.

·        When done with the test, place it face down on your desk and work on AR or other homework.  Make sure you have everything you need before the test.

·        No getting out of seats during a test.

·        NO TALKING.

  Homework Help

·         Homework Help is a program set up to help students with their homework before and after school.

·        Students will be signed up for homework help for the following reasons…

     a.   Multiple missing assignments.

     b.   Absent for multiple class periods.

     c.   Low grade or dropping grade.d.   Misconception of topic.

·        Students are required to make arrangements to stay. 

Posted Grades/Progress Reports

·        Grades will be posted weekly on the “Just so you know!” bulletin board.

·        You may request a progress report at any time, other than during class.

·        A progress report will be sent home approximately every 4 weeks and will need to be signed and returned.

·        Students who have D’s or F’s will receive a progress report on Monday that will need to be signed and returned.  

Seating Arrangements

·        New seats will be assigned after every test.

·        Seats are determined randomly by the computer, with some teacher discretion.

 Pencil Sharpening

·        If the teacher is NOT delivering instruction, get up and sharpen your pencil.

·        If the teacher IS delivering instructions, raise your hand and ask permission.

  Bathroom and Drink

·        Use the bathroom and get drinks between classes.

·        Very rarely will you be able to go during class, even if we are not busy.

·        In the event you do need to use the bathroom, a hallway pass will need to be filled out and ready to turn in, and the clipboard at the front of the room will need to be filled out as well. 

Make sure to take the appropriate pass with you when you leave. 

Fire, Tornado and Lock-down Drills

1.    Stop talking.

2.   Listen to instructions.

3.   Stay with your class. 

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