Alg Textbook

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Using this site:  To use this site your name is 'algebra' and your password is 'panthers'. 

Textbook assignments:  There are two different ways that you can get to the page you need for your assignment.  The first way is to type in the page number and then click on "go".  The second way is much longer, but you can still get there.  2.4 on our assignment sheet means Chapter 2 Lesson 4.  The textbook writes this down as 2-4.  If you need to use the textbook for 2.4 you will click on "Algebra I", then click on "Chapter 2", click on "2-4", click on "Exercises", and finally you will need to click on the PDF icon that says "Exercises" next to it.  

Chapter Worksheets:  To find the worksheet that we did that day in class you will need to click on "Worksheet Center".  From there you will need to know they type of worksheet we did.  For example, if we did Wkst. pracitce 3.1 you will need to click on "Practice Worksheets", then click on "Chapter 3", and finally click on "3-1 Practice".  You will be able to print this worksheet out and complete it at home.