Other Information

4th Grade Schedule:

M, T, R, F                                        W    

8:20-9:20 Math                             8:30-9:25 Mass

9:23-10 ELA                                   9:20-10:20 ELA

10:01-11:10 ELA Centers           10:20-11:00 S.S.

11:15-11:55 S.S.                            11-11:10 Grammar                                                                               Review

12-12:45 Lunch, Recess              11:15-11:45 Art

12:47-1:17 Writing                       12-12:45 Lunch,                                                                                  Recess

1:18-1:43 Religion                        12:50-1:43 Math

1:45-2:15 Special                          1:45-2:15 Special

2:20-3:00 Science                         2:20-3:00 Science

3-3:15 End of Day                         3-3:15 End of Day                                                        




Class Code: NDBM9


*If you choose to send in your book order to the school instead of ordering online, please remember to send checks only -no cash. Please make checks out to Scholastic Reading Club- Thank you!


SJS SCHOOL WEBSITE LINK: http://stjosephschooldsm.org


PowerSchool: Please contact the office if you are unsure of how to login or are new to PowerSchool. Here is where you will be able to locate and check on your child's progress. 4th graders do not receive letter grades on their final reports. Unfortunately PowerSchool does show a letter grade instead of a standard number, if you're child is below a C- (70%) they are not meeting 4th grade standards. It is expected that parents check PowerSchool on a weekly basis to check on students scores relating to homework, labs, in-class activities, and assessments. 




All homework assignments will be posted to ClassDojo. Class photos will also be posted to the Class Story, if you are not comfortable with your child having their picture posted to the Class Story please e-mail or message me. 

*ClassDojo is now allowing students to connect and share their work, keep a look out for your child's work, as a 4th grade class we will be trying the new portfolio feature out this year!



A note from Principal Rowlands:

Staff will continue to monitor behavior and you will know when there have been issues in the room that have been a positive by your child and if a negative happens in the room. The difference is you may not receive daily updates from the teacher on the behavior or total positive or negative marks in the room.

The teachers will still send communication as needed and you will hear about any issues as they occur. If the behavior warrants a visit to my office I will be in contact with you by phone or email to share what we are dealing with that caused an office referral. The discipline changes are not lowering our expectations of the students, but we are going to be moving to a plan that our students meet the expectations of behavior that are appropriate for students attending St. Joseph School. The teachers and I will be explaining these expectations and working during the year for the children to behave appropriately in the room. We feel that as young people, there are expectations that they should be responsible for and we want to build the behaviors that demonstrate strong Christian values on a daily basis in the school.

The next step we will be looking for with the students is for them to reach out and help those around them that they come into contact during the school day. We want all students to want to behave appropriately and help others so they can see the value in being a good Christian in how they treat others on a daily basis. The appropriate behavior comes from the heart and is a feeling doing the right things for those people in our lives. The students, along with ourselves, do not need a prize for doing the right thing but want to do the right thing as part of displaying our values as a Christian.

There will be adjustments as we make this transition and not all rewards will go away as the teachers will still have special activities in their room as the students are involved with various activities, but the key is we want the behavior to come from within and not for an external reward that can be received.

Please stop in the office if you want to visit about this or any other questions.

Ervin Rowlands, Principal St. Joseph School