Spelling- All words are listed on this site by lesson. Please only work on the lesson words assigned for the week, we will start new lessons on Monday and test on Fridays. If we have a week that's not normal due to school not being in session you will be notified of the changes.


ThinkCentral- Weekly skills will be posted, you can review and/or practice. This includes Spelling, Vocabulary skills, Grammar, and an audio version of the story of the week.


ThinkCentral Question & Answer:
Question: Where can I find the full copy of my students Journey's book?
Answer: Once logged into ThinkCentral students have 2 options besides their tests scores that they can click on. These options include things to do, and my library. Under "things to do" are student skill pages that they can work on along with an audio version of their story of the week. Under the "my library" tab if you click "Journeys Student Book G4 2014" this will allow you access to their entire book- vocabulary words and definitions, target skill of the week, story of the week, and grammar.


Religion- Students will have interactive notes and a review at the end of their chapter that can be used as a study tool but they can also do a quick review quiz for each chapter on the link below. Just choose grade 4 and then the chapter you would like to review.


Journey's Book: Students may bring their Journey's book home at any point during the week. Their book includes the story of the week (comprehension section of test), Vocabulary words & definitions (vocabulary section of test), and the grammar skill of the week with practice problems (grammar section of test)