What you can expect in the following subjects for April & May:


Math: Probability, Improper Fractions, Mixed numbers, Fractions (simplifying, common denominators, adding/subtracting, etc.), Volume, Multiplying 3 digit by 2 digit, Adding & Subtracting mixed numbers, Solving balanced equations


Reading: Author's purpose, Formal/Informal Language, Story Structure, Main Idea/Details, Fact/Opinion, Understanding Characters, Conclusions/Generalizations


Spelling: VV, Schwa + r, Schwa + l, 3 syllable words, Silent Consonants, Unusual spellings


Science: Nutrients, Human Body


Religion: Our Vocation to the world, The Eucharist, The New Commandment & the Works of Mercy, The Commandments & bring God's message to the World

Writing: Island Story, Journal Entry, Public Service Announcement, Opinion Essay


Grammar: Proper Mechanics, Making Comparisons, Analogies, Possessive Pronouns, Pronoun Contractions