Nancy Adams Photography - Magnet

Southwood Middle School: Photography Magnet 

Talented Photo Parent Association 

Meeting - 


Parent Volunteers
If you would like to volunteer, it is required that you register through the portal.  

Don't forget to let Mrs. Adams know you are available for a particular event.  

Thank you!  

Mrs. Adams needs your help for the following:

  • Field trips.
End of Year Photography Show - 
  • May 10, 2011 6:30 - 8 pm
  • Miami-Dade Palmetto Bay Branch Library



Mrs. Adams

Magnet Teacher


Tracey Kealy


Jennifer Cazzaniga

Vice President


Aldis Roig



Laura Roda



Photo Expenses 





Photo fee for the year is $4.00

for classroom tools and equipment such as reels, trays, canisters, etc.

Material Tickets $40.00 per term (total of $84.00)

for supplies that go into making photos such as chemicals, ink, etc. 

  • Material tickets may be purchased in a lump sum or at the beginning of each semester.