Grades 1-2 Newsletter

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       Computer Newsletter Grades 1-2





The computer technology curriculum for students in grades 1-2 focuses on three standards:

  • Students will be able to identify and use the hardware components of our computers.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of tasks particular to word processing, drawing, problem solving and decision-making.
  • Students will begin to appreciate the responsibility that they have with technology in relationship to society.


All of these standards are met through the use of computers in coordination with the classroom curriculum. We will focus on projects that will reinforce math skills, reading and language arts skills, science units, social studies units, and creative writing, as well as basic keyboarding, coding, and robotics. We will also learn words and skills unique to computers and begin to learn how to use the Internet for research.


Your child will be given a computer achievement grade that will be based on the proper use of the equipment, the quality of their work, improvement in computer skills, and their ability to complete computer projects in the given time allotment. Your child’s effort grade will reflect not only their effort, but also citizenship, and work habits during computer class, including the following: listening to and following directions, working independently or with a partner, respecting the rights of others, obeying classroom rules, and their willingness to ask questions and use problem solving techniques.