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Kindergarten Computer Newsletter


Ms. Pennington’s class

Monday, 9:30-10:15


Dear Parents,

On August 27th your Kindergarten children will visit the computer lab for the first time for 45 minutes of computer instruction.  Each child will work at his/her own computer.  This is always a fun learning time, as using computers is an enjoyable way to learn new skills as well as practice the same skills which are being taught in the Kindergarten classroom. 


We’ll start off with some drawing to practice mouse control (pointing to select, clicking, and dragging).  We will type words to practice letter and sound recognition and type sentences to learn basic word processing skills such as capitalization, spacing, and punctuation.  We’ll also learn some basic keyboarding and coding!  At the same time we will learn about computers, their parts, and special computer terms and tasks. 


Each trimester your child will receive a computer participation grade reflecting their level of active participation, improvement in computer skills, effort, work habits, and citizenship while in the computer lab, including the following:  listening to and following directions, working independently, respecting the rights of others, and obeying classroom rules.


If you have any questions about the school’s computer program or about your child’s progress, feel free to contact me through the school office or by email at  Please visit my website for updates and student samples of projects we are working on in computer class each week: