Meet Mrs. Nixon

 Full Name Kristie Nixon
 Birthday June 7th
 Husband My husband, Matt, is a middle school ESL teacher.  We have been married for one year.
 Birthplace Rochester, Michigan U.S.A.  Matt and I have lived in Seoul for three years. 
 Education I have a masters in education from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rocester, New York.
 When I'm not at school Matt and I enjoy spending time with our friends and family.  We love hiking Seoul's mountians and seeing new tourist spots. 
 Favorite Movies I love any romantic movie.   Sense and Sensibility tops my list.
 Favorite Drinks Ice tea in the summer time and hot chocolate in the winter
 Favorite Snacks Chips and salsa
 Favorite Flowers Peonies
 My favorite place to be Sitting outside in the sunshine  with my loved ones on a warm summer's day
 Favorite Seasons Spring and Fall
 Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving