Spanish websites and online activities

Here are some websites that have activities to help with pronounciation and vocabulary acquisition.  Remember--the more you practice, the more language you acquire, faster!

Websites with interactive quizzes:


This is a really cool trainer to help you practice conjugating present tense verbs.  This will be covered beginning the week of October 13th, 2009.  Verbs are ongoing and often become the hardest part of learning spanish.  Take the time to practice and work with them--you will see a difference!


Quiz-tree features native spanish speakers on their vocabulary quizzes.  These move rather fast, but are a great way to check your comprehension.  For the motivated student, it is possible to move beyond the vocabulary from class using these quizzes.


This matching box activity helps review vocabulary around the house, such as room, chair, table, etc.  This will be covered in class the week of October 14, 2009. 


This quiz reviews geographical terms in spanish, such as mountain, river, stream, etc.   This will not be covered in class until spring.


This website has free resources on hundreds of spanish topics, many online games and study helpers.  Highly recommended.