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Fifth Grade Summer School has been terrific!  Today we learned the reasons that our paper airplanes fly.  Earlier this week we made three paper airplanes, one that was our control, another with one variable, and one just for fun.  Each student made a plane of the exact same design and then they made another with exactly one change.  For fun, everyone made a fun plane with whatever creative design they wanted to use.  Then students faced off against each other and tested which planes flew the farthest distance.  During the test flights students collected data and we compared their results when we returned to class.

 We have had lots of other projects we have been working on too!  We are growing beans and collecting data.  Soon we will begin putting our data together in a book.  We also learned some really cool things about sound waves!  

Each day we also do a language arts review, math and reading.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we visit the library and computer lab.  Students are working on a research paper during their time at the computer lab and they are learning valuable skills about how to research ad cite sources.