Our reading group has been very busy.  We started with Thomas Alva Edison, Great Inventor.  The first thing we did was survey the table of contents and take a picture walk through the book.  The students were able to learn a lot about the book and learn an important skill that can help them with their reading comprehension skills.  As we read the chapters of the book we work on our vocabulary skills and ability to answer direct questions and those that require inference.

When we are not reading out of our book we are working on other reading comprehension skills.  Some of the things we have done include using graphic organizers to map the story and outline the elements of a story.  This week we have been working on creating concept maps, or idea webs, of a nonfiction book about Clara Barton.  By the end of the coming week students should be able to use the skill independently.  

In the future we will be finishing the book about Thomas Edison and working on more comprehension skills.