First we learned how to do observation by doing intensive observations and data collections.  This was the foundation for the rest of the projects we are doing this summer.  Our Bean Book uses observation skills and data collection and interpretation.  During the remaining classes we will be compiling our data and observation into a creative book format. 

When we learned about sound waves we watched some great videos at and which helped the students understand the concept much better.  Then we did some experimenting ourselves.  Students listened to sound to figure out maze patterns that marbles follow in an enclosed box, made musical instruments and tried to make sound waves visible on a wall using a mirror, balloon and a can.

This week we spent time learning about flight through making and flying paper airplanes, class lectures and reading informative articles.  Students learned that four things that effect flight are gravity, thrust, lift and drag.  It seemed that they had a strong understanding of the concepts by the end of the unit.