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Vansville Elementary School
6813 Ammendale Road
Beltsville, MD  

Welcome to Mrs. Curtis'
Grade Class

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 What's happening in our class?
Although our school year is coming to a close, it's very important that your child attends school every day!
New information will continue to be taught each day to prepare your child for fourth grade.
Also, please be on time!!!!
Behavior has become an issue for our third grade students, various positive incentives have been introduced to your child to help encourage positive behaviors.  However, if your child continues to use inapropriate behaviors he/she will miss some of their field day time in 30 minute intervals. Both you and your child will be notified if this must take place.  

Daily Schedule

7:55 - 9:45 Reading

9:45 - 10:30 Recess/Lunch

10:30 - 12:00 Math

12:00 - 12:45 Social Studies

12:45 - 1:15 Specials (Mon., Tues. - Music)

                               (Wed., Thurs. - PE)

                                (Friday - Media)

1:15 - 1:55 Science

1:55 - 2:10 Dismissal

 Get Ready For: Final Report Cards!!

**Please call/email me to discuss any grades that you don't understand.  Please check the parent grade portal to keep up with your child's current grades. 



 Important Reminders 

_ Check to be sure your child's doing homework

_ Sign the Reading Log each night 

_ Be sure to look for and sign your child's Friday Folder at the end of each week.   

_ See the Homework page for this weeks spelling words!!