Daily Routines

Daily Routines

This is a list of routines that will be used throughout the school year to help all students have a successfull school year!

1) Morning Routine:  When students enter the classroom they will be instructed to put away all of their personal items as well as school supplies.  Students will then be instructed to sit down and begin the morning activity.

2) Daily / Weekly Jobs:  Each day students' names will be drawn for daily jobs.   Each student that is drawn will be paried with a job to complete for the day.  The list of jobs are:

  • Marviouls Me! (weekely job): student job is to be the speical helper and the line leader.

  • Paper passer: Helps teacher pass out papers.

  • Paper collector: Helps teacher collect papers.

  • Board cleaner: Cleans the Chalk Board and White board.

  • Attendence: Takes attendence report down to the office.

  • Library book: This student carries down books to the library.

3)  Time Keeper:  I will have a clock on my desk to help students stay on task.  They will be able to see how much time is left to complete assigned tasks.

4)  Homework and Other Assignments:  I will have different bins set up in the front of the classroom.  There will be one blue Homework Bin for students to turn in homework from the night before, one purple Finished Bin to turn in work they have finished in class and one orange Late / Absent bin where students can turn in their work if it was late or if the student was absent.  Students will be instructed to write late or absent on thier papers before placing them in the orange bin.

5)  Clap Your Hands:  To get students attention back when they are working in groups or on an activity I will clap my hands in a rythmic pattern.  Students are expected to stop talking and copy the clapping pattern that I have given them.

6)  Time to Line Up: Anytime the class lines up they are to form two single file lines; one for girls and one for boys.  They are to line up quietly and walk quietly from point A to point B

7)  In Class Work:  When papers are handed in during class all papers should be handed to the left or to the person I designate at each table.  Then the paper collector will come around and collect all papers from the students.

8)  Directions / Assignments:  All assignments will be given orallay and viusally to students.  Students can be given a copy of directions upon written request from their parents. 

9)  Five, Four, Three, Two, One:  If students have a question or need help they should sit at thier desk and hold up 5 fingers, if they need a drink hold up 4 fingers, use the bathroom 3 fingers, 2 fingers if they want to go the library, and 1 finger if they want to use the computer.   Students should only ask for computer or library time if they have finished all thier assigned work.