Parent Page


Parent Page

Dear Parents / Guardians,

   I am so excited to meet you and your child and I  look forward to spending the next school year with your children.  First grade is such an important and exciting time in a young student's development.  For some, it will be there first time attending school all day.  For others, it will be there first time in this school or possibly in this school district.  In first grade we will be focusing on reading skills.  Realizing that many children will be at different skill levels it will be important to have reading be a part of thier home life as well.

   Our door is always open for visitors as we would love to have you come help out in the classroom.  In addition to having guest speakers, I would love to have your help as we create special projects, plan special parties, and go on field trips.  You are also welcome to sign up for a parent reading slot as it would be great to have family members read to the children in class.  I look forward to meeting and hearing from you all!

Below are a list of websites that can be used for extra school support at home: